Sunday, February 27, 2011

New BMW M5 Concept Cars wallpapers and previews

BMW M5 Concept Cars Review and Specification

Precisely 20 years have already passed since the BMW M5 established a new segment, which has in the meantime also been discovered by other car manufacturers. And that car – the original – is still by far the most successful player in the high performance sedan segment. Spread over three generations of production, more than 35,000 units were built – initially manually at the BMW M plant in Munich and later at the 5 Series
assembly line in Dingolfing. These units were then sold worldwide.

The secret of the BMW M5's popularity has always been the successful synthesis of unobtrusive yet powerful appearance, combined with a high-performance power unit – a sports car featuring Formula 1 technology and at the same time a sedan offering premium comfort.

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