Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Morgan 3 Wheeler Trailer 2011

The Morgan Motor Company recently announced it will bring back its classic Threewheeler for 2011, and now, they have made it official. Launched with an aim to bring the fun and passion back to personal transport, the Morgan 3 Wheeler is powered by a fuel-injected, 115-horsepower V-Twin engine mated to a Mazda five-speed gearbox, which accounts for smooth “get in and drive” convenience with the thrill of amazing performance. A reinforced tubular chassis and twin rollbars for driver and passenger take care of the safety. The Threewheeler has a leather-padded cockpit that comes complete with aircraft instrumentation, which makes you feel like you’re flying on the road.
During its first year of production, the new Morgan 3 Wheeler will be available with a V twin from specialist engine builder S & S. The Morgan 3 Wheeler will sell for £25,000 (about $40,000) before tax. For the extra cost, you can opt for bespoke leather and paint, polished engine, stainless steel tailpipes, cowl, polished cowl, headlamps and roll hoops.

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